Terms of Service

INSURANCE: The price includes a limited civil liability on damage to third parties. It includes a 300 € exemption for any damage that could affect the car.

INSURANCE WITHOUT EXEMPTION: 6 € daily supplement that covers all except punctures, wheel breakage and car keys lost; which are going to be charged to the customer.

FEES: Included in rental price.

PERIOD OF HIRE: A full day is 24 hours.

TANK: The tank is full on delivery and has to be returned full. The fuel consumption, traffic tickets and tow truck are charged to the customer.

MILEAGE: Unlimited.


DRIVER: Minimum age 23 and 2 years with a driving license. Delivery Options: You can leave the car in San Sebastian de La Gomera paying 30 € extra charge.

DEPOSIT: 50 €. NOTE: We inform our customer’s that it is not allowed to take the car out off the island of La Gomera. The violation of this rule is the customer’s responsibility and all expenses, damages or any other eventualities will be charged on the customers account.

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